Lou Reed Web Sites


The Lou Reed Official Website - Sister Ray Enterprises, by The Speared Peanut Design Studio. Great Official Lou Reed Web Site. It's worth visiting!

The Wild Side Of Lou Reed: pre-VU material, unofficial discography, poems... Another good site by Olivier Landemaine

Lou Reed: Lyrics, Chords and Tabs. Excelent site with lyrics and guitar chords of almost all Lou Reed and Velvet Underground songs.

www.LouReed.it: A nice fan site from Italy

The Lou Reed newsgroup

The Unofficial Lou Reed Club

The Lou Reed mailing lists

Lou Reed's Rock and Roll Heart - Addicted To Noise

Moe Tucker Web Sites


Taj Moe Hal. Moe Tucker's Official Web Site

The Maureen "Moe" Tucker Web Page, by Olivier Landemaine. Another good and very complete site devoted to Moe.

The Moe Tucker Discussion Forum

John Cale Web Sites


What's Welsh For Zen, by Olivier Landemaine

Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

The John Cale Page

John Cale

The John Cale Home Page

pop!folio... photographs of John Cale by Jennifer Jeffery

The John Cale mailing list

The John Cale Discussion Forum

Nico Web Sites


Nico - model, actress and chanteuse


Other interesting Links


The Gallery Collection of Waring Abbott, Photographer. Great site by the photographer who shot the pictures for the "Legendary Hearts", "New Sensations", "Mistrial" and "New York" Lou Reed album covers. Nice collection of Lou Reed photos.

Mick Rock Web Site. Excelent site from the legendary photographer of the shot used in the "Transformer" and "Rock And Roll Heart" album covers, and "official" photographer of the Glam Rock era.

The Michael Ochs Archives Beautyfull site from another excelent photographer.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, a great photographer who, among other works, directed the awarded documentary of Lou Reed "Rock And Roll Heart"

Bob Leafe - Photography , great website with tons of photos of Rock artists, including Lou Reed.

The Ink Blot Magazine
Well done On-line music magazine with reviews, including one from the "Transformer" album, and a couple of Velvet records.

Tony "Thunder" Smith

Fernando Saunders

Master Ren ,Master Ren Guang Yi may be reached at the following email address: taiji@renguangyi.net

Laurie Anderson ,Official web site

Chuck Hammer - Guitarchitecture,Former guitar with Lou Reed (1979-1980 band)

Discos Amsterdam. Nice place to find rare records!


The Velvet Underground Web Sites


The Velvet Underground Web Page, by Olivier Landemaine. The most comprehensive site on internet about the best band in the Rock history (well, this is my opinion...). Do not miss it!

White Light. Site dedicated to the Velvet Underground

The Velvet Forum,VU message Forum

Sons Of Moe

What Goes On (VUAS page)

Velvet Underground - The biggest, loudest, hairiest group of all

Walk On The Velvet Underground , a Czech VU page

Velvet Underground Bootleg Reference

The Velvet Underground newsgroup


Sterling Morrison Web Sites


The Sterling Morrison Tribute

The Sterling Morrison Discussion Forum

Doug Yule Web Sites


Doug Yule , by Olivier Landemaine.


Andy Warhol Web Sites


The Andy Warhol Museum Home Page

Warhol At The Fleming Museum

The Exploding Plastic Inevitable

The Andy Warhol Discussion Forum

Archives Malanga: Gerard Malanga official web site

Tony Conrad - Early Minimalism

Angus MacLise

Mary Woronov: The Website

Lou Reed - The Rock And Roll Animal Web Page
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