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Bootleg CDs

A Night With Lou Reed

A Night With Lou Reed
Eagle Vision, EREDV122, DVD, 60 minutes, 2000

Chapter Selection:
1. Introduction - 2. Sweet Jane - 2. I'm Waiting For The Man - 3. Martial Law - 4. Don't Talk Me About Work - 5. Women - 6. Waves Of Fear - 7. Walk On The Wild Side - 8. Turn Out The Lights - 9. New Age - 10. Kill Your Sons - 11. Satellite Of Love - 12. White Light / White Heat - 13. Rock And Roll - 14. End Credits

Recorded live at the Bottom Line, NYC, February 28th, 1983

Musicians: Lou Reed: guitar & vocals · Robert Quine: guitar · Fernando Saunders: bass · Fred Maher: drums


Rock And Roll Heart

Lou Reed - A Rock And Roll Heart
WinStar / American Masters, WHE73011, DVD, Multizone, Colour and B&W Documentary, 75 minutes, 1998, USA

Notes from the back cover:
"Take a Walk On The Wild Side with the definitive look at the career and influence of the quintessential New York rocker, Lou Reed. Overflowing with archival perfomance footage, AMERICAN MASTERS: Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart spans over three decades; from the formation of the Velvet Underground, to his extensive solo career, to his most recent work - a collaboration on the futuristic rock opera Time Rocker. Interviews with Lou Reed, his friends and band members provide personal insights of te man who gave us such classic songs as Heroin, Sweet Jane and the infamous Walk On The Wild Side. Major artists who comment on Reed's influence include David Bowie, David Byrne, Patti Smith, Suzanne Vega, Dave Stewart and Philip Glass. AMERICAN MASTERS: Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart is as much an engrossing portrait of the artist as it is a walk through the turbulent and fascinating times that shaped his music."

Directed and produced by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders



Classic Albums - Lou Reed - Transformer
Eagle Vision / Isis Productions, DVD, 80 minutes, 2001
(Part of the "Classic Albums " series)

Chapter Selection:
1. I'm So Free - 2. Vicious - 3. Satellite Of Love - 4. Walk On The Wild Side - 5. Andy's Chest - 6. New York Telephone Conversation - 7. Make Up - 8. Perfect Day - 9. Goodnight Ladies
Bonus Interviews:
1. The Velvet Underground - 2. Waiting For The Man - 3. Meeting Andy Warhol - 4. Vicious - 5. Recording "Transformer" In London - 6. Lou "The Poet" - 7. "Walk On The Wild Side" Bass - 8. Perfect Day & Satellite Of Love - 9. The Three Chords

Notes from the back cover:
"Lou Reed with the help of Andy Warhol at the "Factory", made The Velvet Underground a massively influential band. However it was "Transformer", Lou Reed's second solo album, which took him from cult hero of The Velvet Underground to international superstar status.
The programme takes you a track-by-track look at the album, which was produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson. In an exclusive interview in New York, Lou Reed talks of the making of the album and together with Ken Scott, the original engineer, takes us through the multi-track tapes of "Perfect Day", "Vicious", "Satellite Of Love" and "Walk On The Wild Side" amongst others. In London, Herbie Flowers shows us how the bas line on "Walk On The Wild Side" was recorded, creating what is one of the most famous riffs in popular music. Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics talks of Lou Reed's influence on him as a songwriter and musician. The programme is illustrated throughout with archive footage of Lou Reed in concert, The Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol and the "Factory" and features exclusive new acoustic material from Lou.
This programme provides a unique insight into the process behind the recording of Transformer, which perfectly captured the spirit of the early 1970's, and illustrates why today it is still considered a truly Classic Album."


Spanish Fly - Live In Spain

Spanish Fly - Live In Spain
Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, DVD, 74 minutes, June 6th 2005

Chapter Selection:
1. Modern Dance - 2. Why Do You Talk? - 3. Venus In Furs - 4. Sweet Jane - 5. Jesus - 6. Romeo Had Juliette - 7. Satellite Of Love - 8. Ecstasy - 9. The Blue Mask - 10. Perfect Day - 11. Walk On The Wild Side

Special Features: Photo Gallery featuring 14 photographs taken by Lou Reed.

Recorded live at the Festival de Benicassim, Spain, August 7th, 2004


Lou Reed Live At Montreaux 2000

Lou Reed Live At Montreaux 2000
Red Distribution, DVD, 112 minutes, November 1 2005

Chapter Selection:
1. Paranoia Key Of E - 2. Turn To Me - 3. Modern Dance - 4. Ecstasy - 5. Smalltown - 6. Future Farmers Of America - 7. Turning Time Around - 8. Romeo Had Juliette - 9. Riptide - 10. Rock Minuet - 11. Mystic Child - 12. Tatters - 13. Set The Twilight Reeling - 14. Dirty Blvd. - 15. Dime Store Mystery - 16. Perfect Day

Recorded live at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, Switzerland, July 13, 2000 during the Ecstasy Tour.





Stiff On His Legend
Velvet Records, 1623, USA, 1978
Velvet Records, 1623, USA, 1978 (b/w cover reissue)

Side 1: Oh Jim (7:41) / Walk On The Wild Side (4:29) / Waiting For The Man (8:22)
Side 2: Lady Day (3:40) / Ride Sally Ride (3:54) / White Light/White Heat (5:18) / Sister Ray (7:54)

Recorded live at the Concerthouse, Stockholm, Sweeden, May 14th 1974
All titles composed by Lou Reed

Notes.- Re-boot of the "Whatever Happened to Dick and Steve?" LP, wihout the interview track.
Plain White Labels. Side 1 is marked as 2 and vice versa
Cover photo by Michael Zagaris, November 1974
"Great back sleeve notes are a reprint of an interview with Lou by one of the students who organised Lou's first solo shows at the University of Buffalo, 1972. It says he did two shows then!. The interview is about the "Street Hassle" LP" (Gordon Lyon)


Berlin DVD (EU)

Berlin (Blue Ray)

Lou Reed's Berlin
Miriam Collection, USA, DVD, 82 Minutes, September 30th 2008
Artificial Eye, EU, DVD, 82 minutes, October, 27 2008
Artificial Eye, EU, Blue Ray, 82 minutes, October, 27 2008

Directed by Julian Schnabel

1. Intro(1:51) / 2. Berlin (2:32) / 3. Lady Day (4:12) / 4. Men Of Good Fortune (6:36) / 5. Caroline Says, Pt. I (4:32) / 6. How Do You Think It Feels (5:37) / 7. Oh, Jim (8:16) / 8. Caroline Says, Pt. II (4:34) / 9. The Kids (8:08) / 10. The Bed (5:59) / 11. Sad Song (8:22) / 12. Candy Says (6:05) / 13. Rock Minuet (7:19) / 14. Sweet Jane (5:31)

Filmed live at St. Ann's Warehouse, Brooklyn, NYC, December 17th 2006
All titles composed by Lou Reed

Berlin DVD (USA)

Lollapalooza Live

Lollapalooza Live
Sister Ray Ent., 634457545021, USA, DVD, 2011

1. Sweet Jane / 2. Senselessly Cruel / 3. Dirty Blvd. / 4. Waves Of Fear / 5. Mad / 6. Paranoia Key Of E / 7. I'm Waiting For The Man / 8. Walk On The Wild Side.

Filmed live at Lolapalooza Festival, Chicago, IL, August 9th 2009
All titles composed by Lou Reed


David Sanborn & Friends - The Super Session
Japan, 45 minutes

The artists: Marcus Miller, Dr. John, Issac Hayes, Gene Lake, Ricky Peterson, Lou Reed, Boz Scaggs, Joan Osbourne, Naughty by Nature. The songs: "Main Theme", "Dirty Boulevard", "Mary Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip", "Lowdown", "New York State Of My Mind", "Spooky", "It's On - Craziest- Feel Me Flow", "Perfect Day", "St. James Infirmary", "People Make The World Go Round", "Main Theme"


"Dancing In The Streets"
BBC Documentary "Hang On To Yourself" Episode
Japan, 62 minutes






Roger Daltrey: A Celebration - With Pete Townshend and Music of the Who
Intersound, March 11, 1999

Various Artists concert (Pete Townshend Tribute)

Lou Reed Song:
1. Now And Then

Recorded Live in New York, April 26th, 1994


Come Together - A Night for John Lennon's Words and Music
Pioneer Entertaiment, DVD, December 3rd 2003

Recorded October 2, 2001

Songs: Imagine (Yolanda Adams and Billy Preston), In My Life (Dave Matthews), Revolution (Stone Temple Pilots), Dear Prudence (Alanis Morissette), Across the Universe (Moby, Sean Lennon, and Rufus Wainwright), Strawberry Fields Forever (Cyndi Lauper), Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Marc Anthony), Mother (Shelby Lynne), Instant Karma (Nelly Furtado and Dave Stewart), Jealous Guy (Lou Reed), Nowhere Man (Natalie Merchant), Mind Games (Kevin Spacey), Come Together (Craig David), This Boy (Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright), Julie (Sean Lennon), Give Peace a Chance/Power to the People (Ensemble)
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